Are you looking to help out in the classroom or at the school?? Why not become an Approved Volunteer? Please watch the short presentation and complete the paperwork & clearances listed below. Your time is greatly appreciated by all involved in the school.

Parent Volunteer Presentation
Parent Volunteer Packet

Here is information for you regarding the fingerprinting site:
Dawn's Tag & Title Service
(It is in the plaza across from Caesar's Palace and right behind the Sunoco gas station.)


PA Children's Health Insurance Program

Need Insurance for your Children?
Take a look at CHIP


We are getting ready to start the $1.00 Bookstore. Did you prepay for the year? Here's the form if you need it..... Prepay Letter
Here's the schedule for the first month.
December 10th: 3rd & 4th Grade
December 11th: 2nd Grade
December 12th: 1st Grade
December 13th: Kindergarten

All students will receive a book for $1.00. The students will pick out their book during their morning homeroom.

2018-2019 PSSA Testing Window:

April 15-26: English Language Arts Test
April 29-May 3: Mathematics Test
April 29-May 3: Science Test (4th Grade Only)
April 29-May 3: Make-up Test

Here is a list of 3rd/4th Grade PSSA vocabulary words compiled by our staff:




Schoolwide Title Reading Levels
DIBELS Scores per Grade
Science Standards
Science Glossary

Click on the Following links for information
5 Key Points for Educators, Parents, and Students
Mathematics Score Range
English Language Arts Score Range

The helpline serves as a resource to Pennsylvania students, families, and schools to help them develop strategies to address bullying and resolve bullying situations.
Bullying Prevention Consultation Helpline: 1-866-716-0424. Messages can be left 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be returned monday-Friday during normal business hours.

Turning Bystanders into Upstanders

Bystanders often play a significant role in bullying situations.  If your child sees bullying happen, what options do they have?  Here are some suggestions that you can discuss with your child:

·         Don’t laugh or join in because this makes you part of the problem
·         If you feel safe, tell the child doing the bullying:

            To stop,
            It isn’t funny,
            You don’t like it,
            It isn’t kind or respectful.

·         Don’t bully back
·         Support the child being bullied by checking in with them and telling them that you are sorry that this happened to them
·         If you are friends with the child who bullies, try to talk to them about it and encourage them to stop
·         Encourage your friends not to participate
·         Most importantly, tell an adult at school and home

Children can use their influence positively to build a safer learning environment and support each other.
For more information on bullying go to:
Center for Safe Schools:
Federal Stopbullying:

Here is the link to the website that was showcased at the Math and Title Meetings:


Common Core Questions????
Check out “Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards” by CGCS Video Maker on Vimeo.
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