2017 - 2018 Officers:

Jessica Zugel, President

Amanda Yetter, Vice President

Cheyrl Craig, Secretary

Heather Gulick, Treasurer

Allison Hess, Parent Volunteer Coordinator

Hamilton Elementary PTA Mission Statement & Goals:


The Hamilton Elementary PTA is a partnership between parents and educators whose purpose is to support and enhance the educational and social environment of Hamilton Elementary by complementing the school curriculum with additional opportunities for the members of our school community, especially students, to learn, grow, and make memories.




§         To facilitate communication between parents, staff, and principal

§         To provide structure and leadership to our school community

§         To encourage volunteerism

§         To foster responsibility, citizenship, and compassion in our students through community service

§         To promote school spirit and pride by celebrating the school community through PTA sponsored events

§         To work collaboratively with school staff to enrich the learning environment for all students

§         To utilize fundraising that is effective, efficient, and builds community

§         To create, propose, and implement PTA programs that address the evolving needs of our changing student population

§         To offer resources that assist parents in raising and protecting their children


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Contact us with questions or join our email list: ourhepta@gmail.com

Find out about volunteer opportunities: VolunteerWithHamiltonPTA@gmail.com

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